Monday, December 7, 2009

Halfway There!

Pounds Lost: 5
Pounds to Go: 5
(Wait a minute...You're probably thinking, "Didn't she only have 7 pounds to lose?"  So I thought!  But, I called the clinic to get an update on the status of the trial and now they want me to lose 10-11.  So be it...I can do it!)
Amount of water per day: 4 liters (at least)
Exercise per day: 45min-1hr
Exercise equipment of choice: Stationary bike
Food plan staples: Fullbars, (or store brands now that there's a recall), Deli turkey, Soup, and FRUIT (instead of sweets)!
Challenges this week: Christmas parties (!!) and Hubby's birthday (we usually go to The Melting Pot!!)

So, I'm halfway there and feeling good about the progress!  I'm nervous about the upcoming Christmas parties, though.  I'd rather have the weight gone and have to worry about maintaining or losing a errant pound then worry about losing the original weight plus an extra pound or two.  I'll have to be on my very best behavior this week...and I may see if Hubby minds if we move his Melting Pot celebration to the weekend following his birthday in hopes that I can get to the clinic to sign the paperwork (and do the requisite weigh-in) next week.  We'll see.  This is one week I'm definitely grateful for strong incentives to help my willpower!

Hubby and I worked out some of the financial numbers last night and have a plan for the financing.  We're hoping that gets confirmed by the end of the week.  The sooner, the better as far as my psyche goes...I'm on pins and needles.  However, we're both really beginning to feel like this IS actually happening.  Hubby even said yesterday that "it was beginning to feel real" to him.  We're nervous about the same things (the money, the emotional and physical toll, the chance that it doesn't work), but hope for our family trumps those things.

We spent Saturday celebrating the first birthday of friends' twin boys.  I met this friend and another who was also at the party via iV message boards.  In many ways they share similar stories to our own.  One dealt with MFI and required ICSI.  The other battled low ovarian reserve and required IVF.  Despite having only known these ladies in real-life for a relatively short time, we felt that we already knew each other so well.  And, it's amazing how supportive women who've already been down this path can be.  I'm grateful for their insight (and yours)!  And, for the hope that they give us.  It's hard to not look at those handsome twin boys and not be filled with hope!

We had a wonderful weekend in almost every way!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great weight loss. i have heard of fullbars, do they really work? Keep up the good work!

Melissa said...

Woah, congrats on the weight loss. I gotta say, I admire your plan. I need to put down the sweets. {sigh}

Lin said...

I've been pretty impressed with the Fullbars. There's really nothing miraculous about the bar itself, though. I think it's just the process. You eat the bar 20-30 minutes before a meal along with 8oz of water. The bar is made of brown rice puffs (I think) so it expands in your tummy a the water takes some space. So, by the time you eat the meal, your body realizes it's full much faster because there was something in the tummy already.

I think it's a big help to me because I often eat so fast that my body gets the message that I'm full much to late!

Jendeis said...

You are doing so good!

My thoughts on Melting Pot (assuming you will go there). 1) Go for the broth rather than the oil, so that you are boiling rather than frying the meat. 2) Ask for lots of fruit for dessert. They only give you one bowl of chocolate but they will give you all the food bits you want (especially the fruit).

Mo and Will said...

you go girl!!! and thanks for stopping by our blog earlier.


Anonymous said...

This Slim-Fast recall is really going to put a strain on my schedule -- drinking this stuff saves me probably an hour per day in food prep time

Anonymous said...

Awesome job on the weight loss!!! That's great, you'll get to your goal soon!

Emmy said...

Good job on the weight loss! I hope that you exceed your goal!

A friend of mine gave me some slim quick, the kind you mix into water, and I swear it cleaned out 3-4 pounds of bloat among other things in 2 days.

Keep up the good work!

Marla.z said...

I don't think the words 'diet' and 'Melting Pot' belong in the same sentence. I love love love Melting Pot! Yum!

Sounds like you're doing an awesome job at your weight loss. I need an incentive like your's. Lol! Keep it up! =)

Baby Wanted said...

Good job, so proud of you!

Melting pot is my favorite! The meal portion is rather healthy because you are boiling the food but the chocolate or cheese fondue is worth it! Sorry, I'm not a good influence when it comes to that place. If it was me, I would work out extra to make up for it! :)

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