About the Someday Family

Lin...I'm a 29-year new mom to a my perfect baby boy, Little Man H (from here on referred to as LMH)! Our journey here was a winding road, having been told that we couldn't get pregnant on our own due to Male Factor Infertility. In the end, though, our perfect little miracle is here and I couldn't be any more in love!

The Hubby...He's a 30 (soon to be 31-year old) full-time working dad.  He loves to cuddle with LMH while taking naps or playing XBOX.  Thankfully, he is on daycare drop off, bottle washing and trash duty!  The Hubby also suffers from chronic depression and anxiety.  Though well managed, it plays a constant roll in our life and will sometimes be talked about on OSF.

LMH...He's our 4-month old (going on 12 year old) baby boy!  Since everyne always asks, he looks like his dad.  In fact, the only people that say he looks like me are people who don't know The Hubby!  I try not to take it personally, though! ;-)  LMH loves his playgym, bouncer and his best friend Wubba. 

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