Monday, November 2, 2009

Hug and Make Up

I'm much to say this week to get the blog caught up!  Let's start where I left off.  We do a lot of hugghing in my family.  It's not like we hug before leave the house; more like we hug before we leave a room.  The last time I purposely ignored my mom for longer than a few hours was probably when I was nine years old.  Last week I made it 2 days.

In the end, neither of us could stand it anymore.  And, as I imagined, it was mostly a misunderstanding.  Mostly.  To be fair, I think that Mom really does just see things a bit differently than us.  Though she thinks the clinical trial sort of gives us a pass on her rule, she also thinks that only a year of trying is probably too soon to be asking anyone for help.  Some of you may agree.  And, that's ok.  But, on this point we're all just going to have to agree to disagree.  Our point on the subject is the same as some of you that commented on the last post...delaying the first IVF try only decreases the odds.  The longer we wait, the more likely that the problems were facing increase (my AMH/FSH, for example...which we're still waiting on the results of).  We're also looking at it a bit like "what's the worst that could happen from asking?" especially when such wonderful things possibly come as a result of asking. 

I guess it just comes down to that we're not going to let pride get in the way of starting our family.  That's not to say that we take it lightly or that asking comes easy.  We don't and it doesn't.

So, just to be clear.  My mom is not like the many other people in our lives right now who doesn't get it and doesn't try.  Mom tries and most of the time she gets it right.  She just happened to be having a really bad day on the same day that I was having a pretty darn bad day.  It happens...and we cut the people we love some slack because 99.9% of the time they get it right.  Love you Mom! answer your question on this clinical trial I keep talking about, here's the info.  Our RE is currently the only one in the Metroplex participating in IVF trials.  The one they're currently accepting patients for is testing a subcutaneous version of progesterone for after the ET.  Because it's testing the progesterone and not the stims, the discount isn't huge, but it's enough to make it worth our while.  Two minor catches...1) The trial is wrapping up in the next "few" months (no one can really say when because it's at the drug company's discretion); 2) I have to lose 7-8 pounds in short order for us to secure our spot...assuming we can pay for it in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Glad you and your mom made up. I hope things continue to go well.

Marla.z said...

Any discount helps. And I'm assuming that means they are paying for the progesterone, so that is a plus, I agree.

As for the 7-8 pounds, I hope you're more successful than me. I have been trying to lose 10 pounds since May. I lost 6, than gained it all back. It doesn't help that DH loves sweets, and I indulge with him. Ugh! ;) Good luck!

Melissa G said...

Glad to hear that you and your Mom were able to clear things up. I hate fighting with family.

I don't think it's fair to say that a year is not that long. It sure felt like an eternity to me... What's the difference between someone loaning you the money now, or a year from now?! I know, I know - I'm preaching to the choir. Anyway, crossing my fingers that the 8lbs move quickly for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you worked it out. You and your mom sound like me and mine. We fought one time and it lasted for a couple days also. My mom gets it right most of the time and I do cut her some slack the few times she isn't perfect. Moms are good!

Alison said...

I'm glad you worked it out with your mom, I know it drives me crazy when my mom and I aren't communicating well.

I highly recommend The Game On! Diet. It's what I'm using right now and I've had a lot of success so far. You can email me if you'd like more details.

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