Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The 2% Moved my Cheese

An update on my slightly tipsy Saturday night post...I woke up Sunday morning with barely a headache.  I think I just felt a bit worse than I really was because I didn't have much food the last hour or so.  All in all, it was a fun, well worth it, time!

Tying up lose ends from last week, we FINALLY got the morphology results!  As the title suggests, it was 2% normally shaped.  As the lab technician so eloquently put it "that's still abnormal," but it's our best yet.  We're now leaning towards some IUIs early next year before moving on to IVF.  Improving morph is one reason, finances are another, but I'll save that for a different post.

Finally, you'll recall that I was expecting some news on "exciting updates" at work yesterday.  Well, it was about what I figured.  My job scope will increase (ultimately a good thing), my title will change (a great thing), but my manager will also be changing (this makes both me and my manager sad!)...and no one can tell me whether or not it will be a lateral move or a grade level increase.  I'm still hoping for the latter.  Even if not right now, though, I'm assured that it will happen soonSoon is a relative term, though.  All in all, it was a rather anti-climactic meeting with a lot of build-up for mostly nothing. 

I'm excited about the changes, but not excited about the manager change.  Not the least of the reasons why is that now I'll have to re-explain the IF situation to the new boss.  Luckily, that person, though not officially named yet, will be someone I already work with who I think will be understanding and flexible.  Still not looking forward to rehashing it, though.

So, my cheese got moved at work-- better in the long-term, a bit painful in the short-term.  And, I suppose, in some ways, the 2% morph results moved our IF cheese, too, though in a good way.  It just kind of caused us to re-evaluate and be a little more encouraged to give IUI a chance.  I guess it also potentially falls into the "better in the long-term, a bit painful in the short-term" category, though. 

Ever get that feeling where you really need something (anything?!) to just be quick and easy?  That's kind of how I feel this week!


Marla.z said...

Glad your cheese is moving in the right direction =)

Anonymous said...

congrats on the good news :)

Hillary said...

Great news on the morph increase! And the IUI's sounds like a great plan...I hope that's all you need :)


Anonymous said...

Well then, that IS news indeed! Congrats on the quasi-promotion and the morph increase.

There is a girl on one of my TTC boards that had very similar S/A results to your DH's and got her BFP this week from IUI#1 - apparently it can happen :)

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