Friday, November 13, 2009

Perfect Uterus! we just have to figure out how to get a baby or two in there!!!

Cross the hysteroscopy off the list.  We're one step closer to whatever treatments are coming our way.  Dr. K said that my uterus looked perfect and, if we go that route, he should have no problem doing the transfer.

The RE has a surgery center right at the clinic.  And, the surgery staff really did renew my faith in the entire RE's office.  They were absolutely wonderful! 

On that note, I told Hubby about my concerns with the office, but between him talking me into staying and the surgery experience today, we're going to hang on a bit longer.  Hubby reminded me that, while it's a little further from home (though he showed me a shortcut on that today, too), it's closer to work which will be hand for lunchtime monitoring appointments.  He's also resistent to switching because he doesn't want to get the "we need an SA from our own lab" speech again, especially if we're just going to switch back in a few months time.  So, for now, the RE's office should consider themselves on warning, but we're not going anywhere.

I was feeling really good in the recovery area, like suprisingly good!  About the time we were getting home, though, I definitely started to feel the anesthesia after effects.  Four hours later, I woke up and am feeling pretty much fine now!  This was so much easier than the recovery after my laparoscopy in March!

Sorry this post was a bit all over the place...we'll blame that on the anesthesia, too! ;-)  Here's a pic and a chuckle to end this colorful toe socks were a big hit at the surgery center today!  They said bring warm socks and these were the warmest I had.  Plus, they make me (and apparently everyone else) smile!


Anonymous said...

YAY for your perfect uterus! I'm glad they redeemed themselves at the RE office also! Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Your socks made me smile too. I'm glad everything went ok!

Hillary said...

Whew, glad the procedure went well and that your uterus is ready to grow a baby! Take care this weekend as you recover!

Marla.z said...

Yay for a perfect uterus. Your recovery sounds awesome as well. Good for you!

Illanare said...

Love your socks! And hooray for a perfect uterus :-)

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