Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guilty Pleasures in the 2ww

ICLW'ers...check here for my intro post!

Nah, my guilty pleasure isn't chocolate or some similarly logical food obsession. My 2ww guilty pleasure is baby names. Cruel, annoying and lovely all at the same time! Honestly, I've always had a bit of a baby name obsession. I had a name list before I'd ever met DH and we talked about baby names long before we were TTC. But, the strangest thing happens every 2ww...I feel compelled to work on our name list AGAIN!

I wondered if the baby name bug would pass me by this cycle given the recent news. It didn't. I've been fighting against the tide the last few days. I finally caved yesterday, but I decided to channel my baby naming over to someone who could actually use it (BFF). Nonetheless, I thought it might be fun to share some of my guilty pleasure names...the one that either I'd never really use, or Hubby would never agree to. Here's a sampling (all girl names, by the way. Our boy name list was long ago solidified, so know guilty pleasures there)....feel free to share yours too!
Winter nn Winnie
Calla (Hubby says she'll get made fun of..."Calla-fornia," he says. *sigh*)
Olivia (LOVE, but too popular)
Isla (pronounced "eye-la")

So, that's the "love, but would never use list." While we're sharing, here's the best website ever invented for nameniks: Nymbler. The truth is that I don't mind thinking baby names so much, even this cycle, because it's a way of reminding me that our day will come and there will one day, someday, be a baby to name. 1ww guilty pleasure is usually planning the nursery (or BFF's). I know, I know! There's something seriously wrong with me! I'm going to much more dilligently avoid that urge this cycle. I just don't think I can stand it!!

What's your 2ww guilty pleasure or, better yet, what are your guilty pleasure names?


Brandy said...

I have recently fallen in love with the name Isla. From the few conversations DH and I have had, we don't agree on baby names at all. That will be a battle if we ever get to that point. I love the name Charlotte, but DH hates it. I also love Harper (for a girl), Emerson (for a boy). DH hates them both, lol!

Nic said...

I LOVE Olivia!! The name does not go with our surname and is so popular as wel. I also love Ella, Ellie, Zoe, and Amy. I have loads more names which I fall in and out of love with and the list is ever growing!! There is no shame in hoping and dreaming, what ever gets you through the 2ww!!

Nicole said...

We are in the process of making our final choices--at least for now! Since we don't know how our adoption is going to go (ie, openness with the birth family), we are preparing a boy and girl name (first and middle) but they are still quite subject to change. And we're not telling anyone, YET!

Great names on your list, BTW.

Happy ICLW!

Carrie said...

You've probably already seen this site since you are a big baby name researcher, but this is my favorite and where I found my son's name:

It's neat because it has all sorts of search fields that most sites don't have. Love it!


Lin said...

Brandy...LOL! Doesn't it always seem like the ones we love, DH doesn't? I heart Harper, too. Charlotte is growing on me.

Thanks for the links and kind words, ladies!

Kristin said...

I honestly don't have any unusual 2WW guilty pleasures. I just do the usual and OBSESS over possible pregnancy symptoms.

My girl name (if I ever get to use it) is Magdalena May (long story behind that).

Sharon said...

Hi Lin
Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog! We have had our baby names picked out since before my first miscarriage. It its a boy he will be called Jonathan, if its a girl she'll be called Ava Joy!

Clare said...

I have to say your super brave to do that - I have just stopped thinking about that stuff. I have no idea what the nursery would look like, i spend too much time trying to imagine a second line on a pee stick! The actual might have a baby thing seems so so far away. However we do have a list of girl names but no boy ones we can agree on! I think it's cos we both want to have girls - front runner names are Buthaina and Sahara, both Arabic names. I hope we can get to put them to good use one day.... Good luck with this cycle!

EWebey said...

Names: Boy (which is no longer going to be used due to his cousin picking a name WAY to similar) Hagen.

Girl we can't agree on..I like Brenna Rose, he likes Elizabeth Ann.

Good luck avoiding the nursery planning!! I myself go and "plan" nurseries at times too..It's fun! (and self-torture! lol)

WiseGuy said...

Love the post...from the names that you picked, I love 'Isla' most - it may even go to Isabella!

I have my baby names picked out...and have no babies to assign them to...Don't want to divulge the names...

My guilty pleasure - thinking about what I will be doing on my maternity leave, and when should I take the leave and all.....


Jem said...

My husband has names picked out. I don't, except if it's a girl, I want her middle name to be Rose.

Anonymous said...

Husband and i are always trying to come up with baby names...and we have our first baby names pick out for both girl or boy... but we don't share them ;) because we've actually known people to steal names and ours are important to us. but despite that i'm still trying to come up with the names for our future other children...and eventually we'll get to use one of them. because i know my babies names...just have no baby!

i hope you might actually get to use your names though soon.



Lin said...

I know what you mean about not sharing the names. BFF is working on her name list right now. I'm helping her with it. I keep an eye out for places our lists overlap. So far, so good.

Maybe one day I'll share our top name choices here, rather than the "love, but can't use" list. I try to save that post for when there are babies to name, but it's SO tough because I just love names! LOL

Magdelena May and Ava Joy are beautiful! Love Sahara, unique!

Jess said...

Thanks for stopping my blog and leaving me such sweet comments! I love the name Olivia, Kennedy and Rowan (the other names are lovely too , but these are my fav out of your list)! I also torture myself with baby names during our 2WW. We so far have two boy names: Reagan Michael and Lincoln Phillip and our little girl is going to be Danielle Cathleen (after my dad, Daniel and my mother in law, Cathy)! Now the second girl name is tricky. Hubby likes Katelyn but I love Clare/Claire...we'll see who wins that one. I keep threatening him that I will tell the nurse that I don't know who the baby's daddy is until after I name the baby! :)


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