Monday, August 17, 2009


I need distractions. I O'd on Saturday...But, for once it's not the 2 week wait that I'm looking to avoid. Right now, we're in the countdown to the 8/25 urologist appointment and finding out (hopefully) what our plan will be. What are percentage chances are right now; what we can do to improve them; if Andy's meds are a problem; and so many more currently unanswered questions! Of course, I also have a nagging realization in my head that we're going to leave that appointment without actually knowing anything new. *sigh* TTC is all about patience and waiting. It's all waiting. And, patience is not my strongest virtue!

So, distractions keep me from obsessing and help me pretent that I actually have some patience! Last week's big distraction was the Twilight Saga (WOW!). I read the entire series last week. By my rough count, I read somewhere around 2,500 pages last week (including Dan Brown's Digital Fortress). Whew! I don't know when the last time I read that much in one week is!!?? But, now I'm sadly done and back to my usual worrying impatience.

Any book recommendations for me? I'm collecting quite the list from my iV buddies. Feel free to add your favorites to the growing list. I'm considering some sci fi options for my next book, but add any and all genres to the list!


SassyIfLady said...

Totally understand the need for distractions as you read on my blog! :-) The lengths we go to!

I watched Twilight this weekend and really liked the movie! I thought it would be stupid, but I liked the weird silences and imagry. It was good. I'm thinking I need to read the books!

Love your blog background! :-D

Lin said...

Totally! The book is SO, SO, SO much better than the movie. The movie is really a fast forward synopsis of the book. I liked it, but the book just has absolutely awesome imagery. It's really amazing how much emotion Stephenie Meyer can cram onto a page!

Thanks on the blog background! It took me FOREVER to find one I liked! :-) I love the color combo on your blog, too!

Anonymous said...

I loved the twilight books. The mortal instrument series is similar to twilight and also very good.

Suzy said...

WOW, the whole serious. Impressive! I've been wanting to read them but I'm afraid I'll obsess over it like everyone else I know.

I enjoyed reading your Friday Five comments!

Lin said...

Hi Suzy! LOL, yah, you probably will obsess. There's just something about them. It's hard not to...really it IS a little insane. I started them and I just had to finish them. Kind of creepy, but I'm glad I did! Let me know what you think if you decide to read them! :-)

Anonymous said...

Book suggestions? Have you ever read anything by David Baldacci? He's somewhat similar to John Grisham and he's written 10-15 books that you could easly plow through.
Let us know what you decide ... I'm always looking for good books!

Missy said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! As for book selections, Bel Canto is one of my recent faves (not really a new book, but it was new to me). I also enjoy the Phillipa Gregory books. Easy to get into, so very distracting. They are like soap operas with a veneer of history on them.

Ruby said...

Hi Lin, thanks for your comment on my blog! As for books, I have loads of recommendations but I'm not a sci-fi reader. I also finished the Twilight series recently and I enjoyed it but didnt' get obsessive, lol!!

My favorite author is Jonathan Kellerman but I also really enjoy just about anything. I'm into autobio's too recently and books about psych or addictions. The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls stuck with me for awhile now.

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