Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Frustrations

I wish I could say that I was feeling great headed into the weekend. Unfortunately, I'm feeling frustrated. A lot of things are adding up to create that feeling. And, even though there's a great deal of hopeful, "almost there" sort of things going on right now, I can't seem to get past my general feeling of annoyed frustration on this dreary, rainy Friday.

We were supposed to be the proud owners of only one house, officially, as of today. Instead, we have two houses for one more week. The closing on our MN house got moved to next Wednesday. Not the end of the world. It's still on the calendar and it's a bank issue, not a buyer issue. Still, it's annoying. After 17 months on the market, though, what's one more week?

I posted earlier this week about my call to schedule the initial consult at the RE. I talked with the new patient coordinator on Wednesday afternoon and got an appointment set-up for the morning of 10/26. Awesome! We wouldn't have to wait too long to get a plan. Unfortunately, I woke up in a startle on Thursday morning when I realized that somehow I'd failed to realize that I had an all day meeting at work on 10/26 and would probably need to reschedule. I immediately called the coordinator yesterday morning...still haven't heard back. I imagine she's off and I'll here from her on Monday. I was making every effort to schedule the appointment for first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening to appease my office. But, I have sense decided that I'll be much better able to participate in my boss's baby shower on November 5 if we have a plan by then. Maybe that's silly, but I think it will help I'm annoyed at myself for scheduling it on the 26th in the place and growing increasingy annoyed that I haven't heard back (not at the coordinator, just in general that I can't get it confirmed on our calendars).

Depression and TTC
And then there's the big one. DH and I had the talk last night. He's right in the middle of a lot of non-TTC-related medical issues that investigating the MFI sort of dug up. He's dealing with severe the point of not being able to successfully complete once normal, daily tasks. Now that his hormone levels are back to normal (testosterone and estradiol are in normal ranges per the blood work we received from the uro this week!), his thyroid panel came back clear and his CPAP (for sleep apnea) has been cleared as working normally, we're beginning to wonder if it has something to do with his depression meds. The very thing we were hoping to avoid messing with now needs to be messed with. So, we had the talk...should we hold off on "advanced-TTC" until he's feeling better or continue to pursue getting him "back to normal" at the same time as we move forward with the RE. We decided to move ahead, but reevaluate before we start any treatments. A perfectly sensible resolution...but, I'm finding myself annoyed at the conversation in the first place. The depression, making it's presence known in yet another way, annoys me to know end. I digress and will save it for the next post.

To end on a lighter mom is flying in this weekend. We're going to the Texas State Fair. I'll report soon on fair oddities (er, delicacies?) like fried butter and fried peaches and cream. Maybe tomorrow's feeling of "painfully stuffed" will outweigh (no pun intended) today's annoyance.


Suzy said...

So sorry you have so many sources of frustration going on right now. Just think of how happy you'll be at the fair tomorrow! We went to ours in August and enjoyed all sorts of goodies.

Hope you have a great time with your Mom this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great visit with your mom this weekend and are able to not think about your frustrations for a bit.

Marla.z said...

Ohhh, that's so good that your MN house is closing soon. What a relief it will be when it's finally over!

Hope Springs said...

Sorry you had such a frustrating day yesterday, and I hope all these things resolve themselves soon. In the meantime, enjoy your mother's visit and have fun at the state fair this weekend.

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