Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I suppose this is a placeholder post.  I don't want to skip my third NaBloPoMo post, but I'm exhausted and am planning on getting up early tomorrow morning for a daycare morning practice run.  Have just been feeling kind of down today.  Can't believe that three months has already boiled down to just the next four days....

Trying to figure out how to make the most of them without feeling like it's the last of everything, because that would be silly. And yet, that's how it feels at the moment.  I'm grateful for the Lexapro I got earlier, right after he was born and we got the bad news about my vision.  I think it will be useful over the next couple of weeks.

I asked the hubby if I was going to feel any better about this soon.  He said he thought I'd feel a lot better about everything by the end of next week.  I think that's wishful thinking.  I'm hoping I'll feel a bit more sure about everything in a month.  I figure I'm going to feel like crap most of next week.  Lovely positive thinking, huh?  Part of the problem next week will just be sheer exhaustion.  Being tired doesn't exactly help my mood too much to begin with.  I am very grateful that next week is my flex week...only have to make it through four days before I get to spend Friday with LMH!  Four days..surely that's doable!

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Lauren said...

I'm so sorry for how you're feeling. I would be a complete mess leaving Noah to go back to work, so you have my sympathy. My friend went back in September when her daughter was 7 months old. She wanted to go back to work originally, but had a really hard time adjusting. You're right - it probably won't feel better in a week. She said she'd give it a good month before making any changes and now after a month and a half she decided to cut down to 2 days a week. Luckily she can chose to do that. Do you have the option to be part time if you continue to feel yucky about it?

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