Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Musings on Returning to Work

 * I thought this might get easier over time, but now I'm not so shure.  More used to it, yes...easier, no.  That said, I only went back to goodbye 3 times this morning (instead of 5 yesterday) and no tears yet.  It's never going to be easier to sit here at work rather than spending my days with him.
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* Meltdowns expected.  I was prepared to be a puddle of tears all the way into work and have to pull myself together before walking in.  Instead, I was a puddle of tears on Sunday night and did remarkably fine on the way into work.  I think my new schedule (6:30-4) is a huge help. I had him picked up and us home by 5:10 last night.  Harris is a night owl right now, so that gives us a lot of nice time together in the evening.

* It wouldn't matter who he was staying with (daycare or family) this would be hard.  I had originally wished that he could stay with my MIL.  And, while that would be nice, it wouldn't make this process any easier.  I felt remarkably good about the care he was receiving at Warren yesterday.  I wasn't upset so much about that.  I was upset about missing things, and that would be the case regardless of where he stayed or who he stayed with.

* I always want to be the daycare picker-upper! For one thing, I can't have my new schedule if I were the dropper-offer.  Plus, I think I'd be  a mess if I had to drop him off, any time soon at leat.  But, the biggest reason is that he smiled at me when I picked him up...and he usually just sleeps for daddy on his way to daycare!  I LOVE that smile..something to look forward to during the long days...

* The Hubby doesn't do so hot with making outfit choices in the morning.  I started washing LMH's 6-9 month clothes on Sunday since he's starting to transition into some of the smaller 6 month things.  Our morning routine is that I feed him, but The Hubby gets him dressed.  Well, I left out a few of his current outfits for Hubby to choose from.  Seemed easy enough, except that I apparently left a 6-9 month outfit in the pile unbeknownst to me.  Here's where it gets funnuy...The Hubby happened to pick that very outfit (out of 4 in the stack).  Did he notice that it was GINORMOUS on LMH?  Of course not!  So, when I picked LMH up yesterday afternoon, his pants almost fell off and the daycare teacher laughed and said "yah that's been happening all day."  I just said "Daddy dressed him."  LOL!  Silly Daddy.  And silly Mommy...now I'll only be leaving one outfit for the day! Lesson learned!

Counting down the hours today...Already just 5 to go!


Melissa said...

I could not agree more with this post. It's the little things that I'm missing or that I will miss. From her rolling over, to her expressions...just hurts me.

Hang in there, you're doing a great job.

Miss K said...

It's really hard when they are babies. YOu do miss some things, but, for me, it made me appreciate our time together more. When he becomes a toddler it becomes a matter of both of you getting what you need during the day. He gets socialization and you get to go to the bathroom by yourself :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Always glad to find another TX blogger!

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