Sunday, May 3, 2009

TTC Acronyms Explained

So, I'm thinking that some of these might be foreign to some of you. Here's the webspeak primer for many of the TTC Acronyms!
TTC- Trying to Conceive
BFP- Big Fat Positive (refers to pregnancy test)
BFN- Big Fat Negative (refers to pregnancy test)
HPT- Home Pregnancy Test
AF- Aunt Flo, otherwise known as your period
BBT- Basal Body Temperature, used for charting during TTC (see
BCP- Birth Control Pills
CM/CF- Cervical Mucus or Cervical Fluid
FMU- First Morning Urine (best for HPTs)
HSG- Hysterosalpingogram, a test where saline is used to examine the faloptian tubes & uterus
Lap- laparoscopy
O- ovulation
OPK- Ovulation Predictor Kit (+OPK or -OPK, indicates O within 24-36hrs)
POAS- Pee on a stick (refers to HPT or OPK)
RPS- Real Pregnancy Symptoms
IPS- Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms

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