Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Murphy's Law Kind of Day

So, we were supposed to have our NT Scan this morning.  Unfortunately, it's been rescheduled until Thursday morning.  It's totally our fault, but that doesn't make me feel any better or leave many any less upset. 

For starters, as of last week we switched from my OB's satellite clinic to the main office because it's easier to get appointments there.  He's only at the satellite office once a week.  Last Friday's OB appointment was our first at the main office.  It's definitely farther from the house, but last week it only took us about 25 minutes.  We planned for about the same this morning.

However, we got off to a bit of a late start because there was a problem with one of the dogs.  Quick to fix, but we probably ended up leaving the house about 5 minutes to late.  Then, things started to really go downhill.  Traffic was heavier than usual to the extreme.  We hit every single freakin' red light.  And, then Hubby, who was driving ahead of me in the truck (I was following) with the GPS, took a wrong turn. 

I realized that we were pushing 10 minutes late, so I called the office to let them know that we were less than 5 minutes away.  The receptionist that answered the phone seemed to be having a particularly crabby day.  She very curtly said ok and hung up.  Then, 30 seconds later she called back and informed me that they wouldn't see us today and was extremely rude about it.  By the time I got off the phone with them rescheduling we were a block or two from the parking lot.

I was already upset and starting to cry just over the crabby attitude of the lady and the letdown of not seeing the baby today.  But, I had to call Hubby to let him know.  He wouldn't answer his phone.  And, still thinking he was lost (something that he doesn't deal with very well), thought that I was honking my horn and flipping my lights on and off to tell him that.  When he finally answers his phone, he said "I know" all rude-like and hung up on me! 

So, at this point, I'm the epitomy of a hormonal, crazy sobbing pregnant woman!

Luckily, when I called DH back sobbing he realized that something more was going on and actually listened to me.  Novel concept, right?  At that point, we parked in the parking lot right across from the doctor's office and he came over to my car and held me while I cried for a bit.  After his momentary outburst, he was so sweet about everything.  It was a good thing, too, because I was an illogical wreck for a few minutes!

It was totally our fault that we were late.  I don't dispute that.  They had every right to cancel the appointment, but a little civility and politeness could have gone far...especially when dealing with a hormonal pregnant lady! 

And, I know that it's only two days, but I just get so worked up and excited about seeing the baby, that it was a huge letdown.  I'm sure it will pass quickly and that everything will be fine on Thursday.  In the meantime, we'll probably be pulling out the doppler tonight just to put my mind at ease!  And, we'll be planning TONS of extra time for the trip there on Thursday morning!  Not taking any chances this time!


Katie said...

What a lame-o receptionist! I can't believe she was so rude to you! DH and I have always marvelled that Drs offices can make you wait 20 minutes for them, but if you are late the appointment is cancelled. So sorry you went through that today...but now you get to look forward to Thursday!

Priscilla said...

Stupid receptionist!! Sorry she was such a Beeotch!!! I know what you mean about being insanely emotional...I think it has to do with the 12th week or something..lol. I was a crying mess then. I've gotten to the point of pulling it together now, but we'll see if it lasts. :)

Hang in there, Chica...Thursday will be here soon!! Can't wait to hear about your appt!! :)

Leah said...

Bummer. And I'm sorry they were so rude. Wow. Talk about someone who shouldn't be a receptionist.

Good luck on Thursday! I LOVED the NT Scan. It was the first time the baby actually looked like a baby instead of a blob. It was pretty amazing. Can't wait to hear how it goes. :-D

Jessica said...

I am sorry you had such a rough day! That receptionist didn't have to be so rude to you at all. and it's not like you were super late, you would think that probably happens all the time.

Well good luck tomorrow!!

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